Dream Line Purple Touch Sparkling Alcohol-Free Beverage

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1 unit
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Recommended Use

  • Drink Alone
  • Cocktail Mixer



  • With a color of intense amethyst, limpid and bright. With purple hues in the glass disk giving its quality of freshness and youth. Attractive effect "silver cloud" to turn the bottle. The nose is clean, fresh, very fruity and floral. Recalling aromas of violets, red fruit and tropical fruit. In the mouth it is fresh, pleasant, spicy, sweet and fresh acidity on the, and fruity aftertaste long and intense. Corresponds very well with the nose. 


  • As a way to enhance the flavors and gain insight into our enjoyment, "The Purple Touch" can pair with sweet foods, enhancing both the flavors, and can also be taken to balance slightly salty foods.  


  • Country of Production: Spain
  • Alcohol Content: 0%
  • Volume: 750mL
  • Serving Temperature: 8-10ºC
  • Storage Temperature: Below 12ºC
  • Calories Per Glass (100ml): 14Kcal
  • Carbohydrates (100ml): 3.5g
  • Fat: 0g
  • Protein: <2g

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